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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Winter Began

Third day today snowing with bitter wind.

Got orders from Bergur: " Take Terrano and drive to see how have the calves survived the night."

So, I drove to the field looking for them. And got lost! On the open field just down from the house! The air was so thick with snow. I realized I was lost when trough the snow I figured river and horses. The horses belong to neighbor other side the river.

The calves had survived. Found them after. They were then taken to farm yard in to fence with sheep and were given a rúlla to eat.

21 calves. They made a circle and stood very close side by side to keep warm.

They will be taken in but not just yet as some fixing in the barn needs doing first.

Or if the weather gets much worse we can take them in but better if they can stay out for now, says Bergur.

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