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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Me                               - When should we take the rams apart from sheep?

The Farmer                 -  Yesterday. Thats what she says, my neighbor, and she
                                        controls the sheep here. And Essi controls the cows.

Me                               -  So, should we take the rams tomorrow then?

The Farmer                 -  Im away tomorrow.

Me                               -  Should I do it?

The Farmer                 -  If you like.

He is building more feeding table for sheep and Im helping by holding blanks as Im told while he fastens them with screws.  He already did first part of the table some weeks ago and before that he made little building connecting 'new building' and sheep shed so rúllas can be stored in 'new building' where from hay can be wheel barried for sheep and they can eat it nice and tidy from table. Im glad to see this as having proper table is big improvement to last winter when the flock was eating straight from rúllas and climbing on them and waisting lot of hay.

Next day I took the rams apart and made room with hay and water for the 3 of them to share.

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