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Monday, 31 December 2012

Ég er að reyna að læra Íslensku

The wind calmed so its no longer storm even still strong. I still slept but not all day today.
I opened door for the sheep to allow them out. Some popped to have a bit of snow and hurried back in. They are not given water as that would be hopeless mess with that in the shed and they come by with snow when the little stream does froze.  They have been shaved so they feel the wind I suppose. The rams were more thirsty as they still have they wool on. I didnt understand why they were not shaved too when the sheep were. Bergur said he didnt know how to explain it but that they need their wool until they are finished they job with the sheep.
I even went for little walk. I called Teddy from his sleeps to come along and he was glad and exited as always about going. It does good to have company that happy. We walked on the river ice in to the canyon to the first water fall. Ice forms on the rocky walls.

Then I have been learning Icelandic. Been here a bit over one year and learned only very few words. I have not been bothered to try to learn. I thought I didnt want to spent time and effort learning when getting well by in English and if I stayed just a winter or two I would not need Icelandic later.
I still dont know how long I will stay. In Muck Site or in Iceland. Never knows what is coming. But I like it here and I hope I can stay long and keep coming to Iceland at least. So, now I want to learn Icelandic. Its too far going to courses to Reykjavik so it is with internet and books and the Icelanders in the house. They are happy I finally got the enthusiasm for it.

The topic of this post means: I am trying to learn Icelandic.
And today I have been reading Öskubuska.  (  = Cinderella  )

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