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Saturday, 29 December 2012

Storming and sleeping

We got ready for it yesterday. Bergur drove rúllas in cow hall so there would be no need to open big doors for a while. I nailed sheep shed door shut and pieces of planks over any gaps on the walls. Also Bergur connected exhaust pipe to diesel generator, (he calls it "Generation"), so that could be used if electricity went.
Some places in Iceland people have been told to leave their homes and get somewhere safe because of danger of avalanches.
In the morning the blow was on. When it is like this one does not go out for fun. And when going gets dressed carefully making sure hat is on and hood is tied and zip is up to chin. Before opening door puts gloves on takes a deep breath and holds on to the door properly so it does not fly of with the wind. Best is to stay in as much as possible and sleep and thats what I did a lot but as it is there is animals to look after so pushed trough the wind to the sheep shed and cow hall first in early morning darkness and forked hay in head torch light when the electricity did go. I returned in to carry on sleeping and Fjóla and Bergur went to milk. Afternoon I went for second round giving milk to calves and hay to all and returned in to watch the storm storming over valley and to sleep again. 
In the evening coming 11pm the blow is still on. In my bed I have heard others going to milk and coming back. Im thinking of getting dressed in to the hat and hood and going for round check before night sleep.

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